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1 hour tan

I love the lightweight feel of this product. 1 pump covers a good amount of area. This product gave me an even tan. Not as dark as I preferred but somehow it still looked amazing. I love that it didn't irritate my sensitive skin & no orange tone.

Megan Cusack
Use lightly

I had decent success with this self-tanner. I have found the key is to add it in layers. If you try to put on a ton at once, it will end up looking orange. Do a light layer, rub it in well and wait. Maybe even till the next day. See if you are satisfied with the color and then repeat if you feel it's too light. Overall, this is a pretty good product. I don't have the time to work on my tan, plus i'm too old to pretend I don't know about sun damage. This is a healthier way to go for your skin. 9/10 would order again.

Lightweight and effective

Love the way this is lightweight and doesn't leave you feeling super sticky and residue afterwards. Has a very pleasant smell and seems to work fast with daily use!

Love this stuff!

Make sure you have a applicator mit to apply, or the finished result will not be as good and even! This stuff is amazing!! Gives me the best darker tan without any orange tones! Love it!

One hour tan works

This is actually very good tanning lotion. I am pretty light skinned so I’m very particular on what tanners I use and this one was a success. I recommend you use a tanning mitt and first exfoliate with a sugar scrub and moisturize dry spots like elbows and knees before applying. I found putting it directly on the mitt and then to my skin worked best and gave the most natural looking tan.

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