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Great suntanning drops

I use it with my moisturizer. It works great!

Works great!

I love to use it in my lotion, just a few drops per pump, and it looks great. The tan takes a few hours to fully develop, but I love the color. It’s great for summer!

J. Wolff
Gives a glow

I’m pretty pleased with the little bit of glow these drops give. With just one application there is a noticeable color change. I didn’t take a photo because the change wasn’t perceptible enough to see digitally, and is generally not very noticeable to others even in person except that the bit of enhanced color looks nice. I’ll play with these more and see if I can build the color to make it darker. Happy so far though.

Michelle Y.
Works well not orange

This Tanner actually works pretty well, i’ve used some other facial tanning products that seem to fade the same day it was applied. To my surprise, this stuff did not start to fade until a couple of days. it’s super easy to apply and does not leave a greasy residue & absorbs well. Once I achieved, the color I was looking for, (it’s buildable) I made a separate jar of my daily moisturizer that had a few drops of this in it to maintain the color. I really like that. It was more of a sunkiss glow than an orange color.

Super easy to use

This works well as a buildable tan when mixed with moisturizer provided you really get all your face. I used a watery based type moisturizer instead of a thick cream type moisturizer and 3 drops as i like the appearance of a super sun kissed face and then i repeated until i was happy with the look.

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